Vasovasostomy is the procedure that works to reverse effects from a previous vasectomy. Also known as vas reversal, this procedure aims to help men get back their fertility. During a vasectomy, the vas deferens is usually cut and tied to help with a much more effective form of birth control. 

The vas deferens or sperm duct is the tube that runs from the testes to the urethral region that aids in the transportation of sperm during ejaculation. Vasovasostomy is performed to help bring back a continuous path for sperms to flow out of the penis from the testes. However, you should anticipate some blood spotting near the incision area for a few days after getting the procedure done (1)

It would be unusual to experience continuous bleeding after that, so if that happens, be sure to contact your doctor. Here are a few vasovasostomy recovery care tips to help you get through this period safely.

Vasovasostomy Recovery Care Tips

Physical Activity

Immediately after the surgery, you should refrain from all physical activity for about five days. It would be best if you had lots of bed rest in such a position that the scrotum is slightly elevated for at least two days (2). During this period, you shouldn’t lift any heavy objects and, if possible, extend this to four weeks after your surgery.

Ensure that you do not climb up any stairs or have to drive. One crucial measure at this point is that you have to refrain from sexual activity or attempt to ejaculate for the next four weeks. This is because the vas deferens has first to heal before any sperm can move through the tubes. 

If it so happens that there is ejaculation, there is a high possibility of the procedure failing since there could be a leak. About two weeks after surgery, you are safe to engage in unrestricted physical activity and exercise (3). If you feel slight discomfort, try to lower the intensity of activity and gradually ramp up with time.

Post-Op Diet

You may resume your typical daily diet as soon as you get home. However, it is expected that you will get nauseous from the anesthesia, so it is best to take up a bland diet at first. Greasy or spicy foods should be avoided for the first day after a vasovasostomy surgery. Fresh vegetables and fruits will help you eliminate the risk of constipation as well.

Caring for the Wound

The incisions should always stay dry and clean, especially for the first two days. If you decide to take a bath, ensure that you clean the scrotal area gently and avoid bathtubs until your doctor says it is safe. If you use an ice pack on your scrotal region, make sure that it doesn’t touch the skin directly (4). You will be provided with a jockstrap and some gauze fluffs to help cover the incisions on your scrotum.

Vasovasostomy Recovery

 A few weeks after getting a vasovasostomy, the scrotal region will feel somewhat swollen and tender. This is quite normal as the soreness gradually subsides as time goes by. If you realize that the scrotum has some redness or presence of pus, it would be a good idea to get in touch with your healthcare provider as soon as you can. Otherwise, you should experience a smooth recovery period if you pay attention to these guidelines.

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