A vasectomy only eliminates the possibility of the sperm passing through with the ejaculate fluid. The absence of sperm in the semen is not seen by merely looking at it. You or your partner cannot tell the difference.

After a vasectomy procedure, your testicles can still produce sperm. The body though absorbs it instead of flowing out together with the semen. It is because the pathway through which sperm travels to the ejaculatory duct is eliminated. An estimated 500,000 men in the United States have a vasectomy annually (1).

Here is How Ejaculation After Vasectomy Works

There will be discomfort around the testicles and pain for a few days after the procedure, as is usual with any surgery. That is why sex or masturbation immediately after a vasectomy may not be possible, and the doctor will advise you to wait for a few days.  

Depending on your body’s ability to heal, you can resume sex after one or two weeks. It helps to keep the tissue less irritated and therefore accelerating the healing process. The doctor will also schedule post-vasectomy semen testing to check if there is any sperm still present in the seminal fluid.   

Ejaculation During Sex

After healing and you are comfortable enough to have sex again, you and your partner should use other contraception methods to minimize pregnancy risk. Having unprotected sex should only be undertaken after the doctor assures that there are no traces of sperm in the ejaculation after vasectomy. 

Elimination of old sperm from the ejaculatory duct is not immediate, and it may take up to three months.

For most men, ejaculating 20 times or waiting for three months is what it takes to remove all sperm from the duct. The doctor will analyze your semen to find out if there is sperm. Even after this time, only about 85% of the men will have no traces of semen in their ejaculate (2).

Ejaculation through Masturbation

You may choose to ejaculate through masturbation if you don’t feel comfortable engaging in sex after a vasectomy. You should avoid ejaculation for a few days to give your body time to heal. Ejaculation immediately after the procedure can cause pain and discomfort.  

Ejaculation through masturbation works similarly to ejaculation through sex. If before the procedure you were able to hold an erection and ejaculate, a vasectomy does not change that in any way.

An Outlook on Ejaculation after Vasectomy

Ejaculation is not affected in any way by vasectomy, and neither does the amount, quality, or texture of the semen. You may experience some level of discomfort at first when ejaculating, but that does not last. 

There should be no effect on your erectile function or sex drive from a vasectomy. You should worry if there is persistent pain that lasts beyond a month after the procedure. Anything that does not feel normal should be reposted to the doctor immediately.


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