For many men, having a surgical procedure on the genitals is not something to look forward to unless it can enhance their sexual performance. Apart from the fact that it is minor and less invasive, it also tops the most effective family planning method. It is also a long-term method and perfect for people who are not looking to add more children in the future.

Here are Ten Reasons Why a Vasectomy is Good for You

It’s a Low-Risk Surgery

 Any surgical procedure carries a risk, but vasectomies often pass with no complications at all.  After the surgery, you may experience discomfort in the scrotum and mild pain. In essence, only 1-2 % report severe pain (1). 

They are Effective

With 99% effectiveness, vasectomies are the best and most effective forms of birth control, that is, apart from abstinence. You will have to wait until the semen analysis clears you for unprotected sex. Estimates show that only 1 woman out of 100 conceives during her partner’s first year of vasectomy (2).

It Does not Affect Sexual Function

A vasectomy just disrupts the sperms’ transport system without changing the organs and their functions.  After healing, sex drive, performance, and ejaculation remain the same. Even the amount and texture of the semen are similar to pre-vasectomy semen.  

You Can Choose the Method You Want

The two ways of performing a vasectomy are the incision method and the no-cut method. The no-cut method significantly lowers the risk of complications and infections. The doctor opens skin on the scrotum with a special device, leaving openings so small that they don’t require stitching. 

It’s Cheaper Compared to Raising a Child

Before your child is 18 years old, you will have used approximately $ 233,610 in food, housing, and other necessary expenses (3). On the other hand, a vasectomy costs between $300 and $3000, including consultation, procedure, and follow-up visits.

It is Simple

The procedure is so quick and straightforward that it happens in the doctor’s office. It will likely take 30 minutes for the process to be complete. Only 1-2% of the patients might suffer complications during the procedure, even rarer when handled by an experienced doctor.

The Recovery is Quick

Recovering from a vasectomy is quick and only takes about a week. During this period, you should avoid any sexual activity, including masturbation. 

You Can Understand the Procedure

While many surgical procedures are not something you can easily understand, a vasectomy is a relatively straightforward procedure.

It is Good for Your Partner

For the longest time, women have carried the burden of planning families all alone. Your offer to take the front seat will be appreciated and welcome. Taking the responsibility off her back can result in a more relaxed partner and a healthy family.

It is Reversible

Life is unpredictable, and you may want to sire biological children. Although intended to be permanent, vasectomy reversal methods are successful when done correctly and restoring your fertility. 

Why Vasectomy is a Good Choice for Family Planning

Apart from the items discussed above, your body will still make sperm, and your hormones will not be affected. You now can enjoy sex without the worry of an unwanted pregnancy. It keeps a healthy balance with your partner in the responsibility of planning the family. However, it does not prevent sexually transmitted diseases, and you should remain vigilant and protect yourself whenever necessary.


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