Vasectomy to most is a simple procedure that can be performed by any qualified urologist. That makes most men not consider much about the doctor performing the surgery, whether it’s the conventional vasectomy or the no-scalpel vasectomy.  

Among the first things you should consider is the doctor.  All urologists should observe very high standards prescribed by the American Urological Association (1).  

The formulation and existence of these guidelines show that there are different levels of doctors in the field.  

Here are Some of the Things to Consider When Choosing a Urologist for Your Vasectomy

The Expertise

Instead of engaging a general urologist, consider finding a urologist whose specialty is the issues surrounding the vasectomies and vasectomy reversal procedures. While any urologist might know how to perform the procedure, it may not be their regular task, increasing the chance of errors and complications. 

When dealing with a vasectomy specialist, they are likely to be more updated and alert to things that a general urologist may miss.

Their Professional Background

Your urologist should have positive answers to your questions; regarding their training and credentials, and the number of successful vasectomies performed against the failed procedures.  

Another quality you need the doctor to have is their level of advancement in emerging methods and technologies. You need services from a doctor who is confident in their ability and experience. Consider engaging a board-certified urologist.

Their Availability for One-on-One Consultations

Request for face-to-face consultation rather than phone consultations.  Talking to a doctor in person can let you know the doctor’s attitude and comfort in dealing with a patient. 

AUA guidelines recommend in-person consultations with patients before undergoing the vasectomy. If the doctor cannot convincingly answer your questions, maybe they are not the best fit. At the time of consultation, you can assess the environment where the procedure will take place. 

What Methods Do They Prefer?

A vasectomy involves a sensitive part of the male reproductive system. Choosing a urologist who prefers minimally invasive procedures might be right for you. The no-scalpel technique delivers the same results as the surgical vasectomies but with very minimal invasion. The complication rate is low, coupled with the fact that it is less painful with quicker recoveries. 

What Other People Think About Them

Reviews are a near-perfect way of finding a good urologist (2). Go through the doctor’s website and social pages and find out what others are saying about them. From the patients’ reviews, you will determine if a urologist is a good fit in patient relations, expertise, aftercare services, and costs. 

Other Things to Consider When Choosing a Urologist for Your Vasectomy

As the above points disclose, the urologist is at the center of a successful vasectomy procedure.  If you have family or friends who have undergone vasectomies, let them share their experiences with their urologists from whom you can choose the best. Also, confirm whether the doctor accepts insurance so that you can organize for finances appropriately.  

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