Men who have a vasectomy can visit their doctor’s office and get the procedure done in under thirty minutes (1). Typically, a vasectomy necessitates the use of a local anesthetic during surgery. For patients who experience anxiety or a challenging scrotal exam, this procedure could be done under sedation. 

This procedure should only be done by a urologist that is a urologic surgeon who is certified by the board. Urologists are specialized surgeons who focus on the genitourinary system, which involves the genitals, bladder, and kidneys. This article offers a few suggestions on how to find a certified urologist who can effectively perform a vasectomy.

How to Choose Your First Vasectomy Doctor

Compiling Information on Urologists and Vasectomy Doctors

You can review various sources that offer valuable information on urologists. Some of the available sources include:

  • Your PCP (primary care physician): Most times, PCPs will recommend that you book an appointment with a specialist if you need specialized treatment. Your PCP should have contacts of certified experts who perform vasectomies in your locality.
  • The local medical center: Urologists attend to patients in clinics and hospitals. Even though you will likely have the procedure performed in a clinic, the hospital can offer you a list of urologists who work in the facility.
  • Your insurance firm: Many insurance companies cater to vasectomy expenses. If you have a health insurance cover, your carrier can offer you contacts of urologists who take part in their medical program.

Verify the Credentials of the Urologist

After you pick out multiple possible doctors to perform the procedure, look further into details about their practice. Given that vasectomy effectiveness could be determined by the experience of your urologist, you may want to check out medical directories. 

Some of these organizations include the ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties). The establishment allows patients to confirm that their preferred urologist is authorized and licensed by the board to offer services in their country (2). You could also get in touch with medical societies in your locality or state to evaluate the experience of a surgeon. 

Such institutions can offer general details regarding surgeons in your state. The available information could include the number of operations performed and the practicing years in the relevant field. Lastly, confirm the hospital appointments with the urologist. Typically, these are common to surgeons with high qualifications in their specialty.

Choosing a Vasectomy Doctor: Things to Consider When Selecting a Urologist

Whereas experience and qualifications are vital aspects that you need to consider, you may want to factor in logistical issues. Mainly, you can look into the following factors:

  • Language: Establishing good communication with your physician is crucial for quality healthcare. It is only logical to choose a urologist with whom you can communicate quickly. 
  • Proximity to the location: There are many things that contribute to your ability to follow through with your appointments. You need to consider your office hours and the accessibility of your doctor’s location.
  • Less-tangible Elements: The professionalism shown by the reception team during your phone conversation can influence your decision. You could also assess the attitude of the personnel, office cleanliness, and other intangible aspects.

A vasectomy procedure is among the most efficient birth control methods available. Though the technique is useful, it is crucial to note that your semen takes up to three months before becoming sperm-free (3).

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