When it comes to birth control, people often think of the female pill, probably because of how often it has been discussed these past decades. However, with various promising advancements in male contraceptives, men can now take a bigger part in the prevention of unwanted pregnancies.

There are 3 main options of male birth control: condoms pulling out and vasectomies. 

Here are some reasons why vasectomies are your best option:

They are the most effective 

Vasectomies are the most effective birth control method with only 15 out every 10,000 couples getting pregnant during the first year of the vasectomy (1). In contrast, condoms, the next best alternative are only 98% effective.

It is important to note, however, that vasectomies are not effective immediately after the procedure. It takes two to three months to clear out the sperm that is already in the semen after which, a semen analysis test is performed to ensure that the semen is clear. After this, there is a very minimal chance of the cut ends of your vas deferens growing together and rendering the procedure ineffective.

They are permanent

One of the commonly asked questions about vasectomies is their rate of failure. Vasectomies are a permanent form of male birth control. The chances of a vasectomy failure are very minimal and this should only happen is the cut ends of the spermal tubes rejoined. 

What happens when you change your mind and want children in the future? You could always have a vasovasostomy to reverse the procedure. 

Vasectomies are fairly affordable

A vasectomy procedure costs about USD 300. This might seem a little too expensive at first but once you get a vasectomy done, that’s it. You will only incur extra costs if you need the procedure reversed.  On the other hand, if you have to use a condom for every sexual encounter, you could end up incurring more in the long run. An average couple has sex about twice a week, and assuming a condom costs about USD 1 each, you’d end up using USD 1040 on condoms in 10 years.

They don’t interfere with your sex life

Condoms can be uncomfortable for some men If not worn right, or when they are not the right size, Some couples also complain that stopping to put on a condom sometimes kills the mood. 

A vasectomy doesn’t interfere with your sex life in any way, nor does it affect your pleasure and orgasms. Once you get the all-clear from the doctor, you and your partner can enjoy sex without worrying that they will get pregnant. 

The only change a vasectomy causes is that the semen ejaculated will not have sperm in it. 

Vasectomy Effectiveness: Should You Have the Procedure Done?

If you’re looking for a permanent form of male birth control with a high success rate, then vasectomy is the best option. Make sure you discuss it with your partner before making the final decision. 

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