We get asked many vasectomy reversal questions like, why would anyone want a vasectomy reversal to begin with?

Well, sometimes it’s due to the loss of a child, a new marriage, desire for a new child, or they simply changed their mind.

Whichever category you fall into, it’s important that you get all the facts right before going for a vasovasostomy.

Top Vasectomy Reversal Questions

How much does a vasectomy reversal cost?

The costs you incur will be dependent on whether your insurance covers the procedure or not. During the consultation phase before the vasectomy reversal, make sure you get the full costs of the vasovasostomy and then inquire how much your insurance will cover.

This procedure can be pricey so make sure you go to a facility with affordable rates.

What are the chances of success for this procedure?

The chances of success are dependent on how much time has passed since the original vasectomy. For men who had the procedure done years ago, the reversal is less likely to be effective. The track record of the urologist performing the procedure also matters.

How long after a vasectomy reversal should I wait to have sexual intercourse?

You should wait for at least 2 or 3 weeks before engaging in sexual activity, to allow time for the incision to heal.2 You should also take time off work during this period and avoid any strenuous activity. Once your body has fully healed, you can start having sex again.

What is the initial recovery like?

Most times a vasectomy reversal requires you to spend a night at the hospital. This gives your doctor time to monitor you and to make sure that there are no immediate post-procedure complications. Sometimes you may experience nausea due to the anesthesia but other than that and some mild pain and swelling, you will be fine.

What are the risks of a vasectomy reversal?

The top risks of a vasectomy reversal include hematoma which is basically blood clot formation in the scrotum. This can be reduced by placing ice on the surgical site and wearing tightfitting underwear.

You may also experience chronic pain or an infection but both of them are fairly uncommon.

How long does the pain last?

Every person heals differently and some men may heal in days while others may take even months. On average, you should be able to resume normal activities within 2 weeks.

How long will it take to get my partner pregnant after a vasectomy reversal?

The time it takes is dependent on a variety of factors including the concentration of sperm in your semen. It could take anywhere between 12 weeks to a year for your partner to get pregnant.

Vasectomy Reversal FAQ Answered

It is common for men to have concerns regarding the vasectomy reversal. Make sure you talk to your doctor about it so that they can take you through the whole procedure and what to expect before, during, and after the vasovasostomy.

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